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PPGLui (Leader & Founder)

Hello Everyone my name is Lui and i am the Founder/Leader of Team PPG. I started streaming about 4 years ago. When i started this journey i never thought i would meet so many great people along the way. I now call these people my family. We are Team PPG! In my stream you will find tons of lighthearted fun. I play just about anything that is competitive. Mostly FPS games. I will play anything that makes me happy. Hit the picture and come join in on  my journey  #TeamPPG4Life


DarqCravingss (Tech Support )

Hey all i'm William, I've been gaming for as long as i can remember. I have 4 beautiful daughters and a wonderfully supportive wife. I enjoy sharing my love for gaming with everyone who cares to watch and join. Hope to see you all in the stream showing that PPG love...

PPGBuzz49 (Events Coordinator)

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I am a 40 year old husband and a father of 3 children. I have been playing video game for my a great part of my life. Since I started streaming I have been able to meet a lot of amazing people. Since I have been a member of Team PPG my stream has done nothing but grow every single day!! In my career I have been a teacher and a coach at the college football level, I have been an Athletic Director and Head Football Coach. With all my careers I have had I have to say streaming games and talking to my viewers and other gamers has been a great experience and I hope it continues to grow!! I am a giveaway junkie I really enjoy giving back to the people that make my channel what it is today!! Your boy loves and appreciates everything!!

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(Community Relations  )

 Hey guys I am Bee, I'm a huge gamer nerd that plays all types of games and would love build a community where we can games together. I always welcome new people to game with.